How to Use the App

Welcome in the SAMENleren app! In this application you will find workshops and games which you can use while you are staying at a project. These workshops and games are a form of non formal learning and they all have a goal. They are all subdivided in themes. There are workshops available for every age and for both small and big groups. Of course you are free to adjust these workshops and games to your own ideas. You are always free to send any other good and fun ideas to SAMEN.

Activity Evaluation

At the end of every activity you can do a brief evaluation with the group. Different working methods can be used for this and they are listed down below.

Asking questions and starting a conversation:
    –   What did you think of the workshop?
    –   What will you take with you from the workshop?
    –   What could we do different next time?

Hand out two or more post-its to every participant and ask them to write down a tip and a top related to the workshop. The participants do not have to write their name down, so the feedback stays anonymous. Collect the post-its and discuss the feedback with the group.

Divide the room into 3 parts: YES, NO and DOUBT. At all 3 parts, place a coloured paper with YES, NO or DOUBT (corresponding to the part of the room). Tell a statement and ask the participants to go stand at one of the three answers. Ask questions and try to involve everyone in the conversation. This way you will get a clear view on how the participants experienced the workshop and possibly you will receive feedback which you can use the next time.

Statement examples:
    1.   I think the workshop was informative and inspirational
    2.  I had the feeling I was being listened to
    3.  I could easily share my opinions and views
    4.  I felt safe in the group
    5.  The instructor provided the participants with the support needed

Using the App Offline

This web app is available offline as well, in case you don’t have access to the internet. To use the app offline, you have to follow a few steps.

For iOS:

When using iOS, you will need to use the Safari browser if you want offline access to this web app.

  1. With this website open, click ‘sharing’ in Safari.
  2. Chose ‘Add to Home Screen’ in the menu. The web app will appear on your home screen like your other apps.
  3. Open the web app through the shortcut you have just created on your home screen.
  4. Visit all the pages you would like to use offline at least once, to make them available offline as well.

For Android:

When you get a pop-up with the notification ‘Add to Home Screen’ you can directly tap it. This enables you to skip the first step.

  1. Add the website to your home screen. In Chrome you will find this option in the menu on the upper right corner. When using Firefox, you will find this option directly as ‘home with plus’ icon in the bar on the top of your screen.
  2. Open the web app through the just created shortcut on your home screen.
  3. Visit all the pages you would like to use offline at least once. These pages will also be available offline.