Citizenship & Religion

Question you can relate to this theme are for example ‘what does it take to be a good citizen?’ and ‘what do I expect from the other citizens in my community?’. Questions such as ‘how can I be a good christian?’ relate to this topic. The workshops listed down below have everything to do with this theme.

Age 14 to 18

Life skill(s): Norms and values

Age group: 14-18

Number of participants: 10-20

Location: Classroom with (black-)board and enough space to make a circle.

Time: 45-60 minutes


  • Post-its
  • Pens
  • Statements (printed or written out)
  • Evaluation cards



Choose a fun, introductory and suiting energizer from the app (+/- 5 minutes)


Explain what norms and values are, by using the visual material (+/- 5 minutes)


Lay out the cards with the norms and values in front of the children. The children can write down their own norms and values on paper. They can copy some of these from the cards, but make sure they also come up with a few by themselves. (+/- 12 minutes)


Make a round in which everyone talks about one norm or value. This way they can inspire each other. When a child mentions a norm or value, ask questions to start a conversation. (+/- 15 minutes)

Question examples:

  • How does this influence your daily life?
  • Why is this so important for you?
  • In what situations in your daily life do these norms and values occur?

Crossing the line

Present the statements one by one. Every statement has two answer options. What do THEY think is important. Ask questions; why are you standing left/right? (+/- 10 minutes)

Example statements:

What is more important to you?

  1. LEFT: Respect other | RIGHT: Help others
  2. LEFT: Giving food to other | RIGHT: Helping your family
  3. LEFT: donate to charity | RIGHT: Donate to someone close to you


Use the cards to evaluate and discuss the activity. Keep in mind that this is something these children and youngsters are not used to. Give them some time and space to think and ask question to help them.

Age 14+

Life skill(s): The future, Norms and values

Age: 14+

Number of participants: 30 people (2 supervisors)

Location: Classroom

Time: 1,5 hours


  • Post-its
  • Pens
  • Paper (to write on)
  • Envelopes


  1. Give an introduction/speech with input about this theme, for example with a Bible text and a personal experience.
  2. Ask the participants to write down their associations with this theme on the post-its and let them share this with the group. Ask questions for more clarification if needed.
  3. Make a circle with the group. Put an object (for example a water bottle) in the centre of the circle. Tell them that point is the ideal good christian and honest citizen. Ask the participants to locate themselves in a place that represents how far they are from this ideal picture. Are they far away, or very close? When everybody has chosen a position, ask some people to explain why they are standing there.
  4. Dilemma’s: Think of some statements (use workshop ‘crossing the line’). Divide the room in half and with every statement, give two answer options. One answer is the right side of the line, the other the left. After every statement, ask a few people to explain why they are standing on that specific side of the line.
  5. A letter to yourself. (Use format workshop ‘letter to yourself’)
  6. Finish with a powerful energizer, like the Hooligan