Thinking about the future is something every youngster does. What goals do you want to reach in life? With help of these workshop, the participants will visualize their thoughts and get a better overview in his or her goals.

Age 14+

Life skill(s): Awareness about the past, the present and the future

Age: 14+

Number of participants: Maximum 40 (per instructor)

Location: Room with chairs and tables

Time: 45-60 minutes, including introduction and energizer


  • Paper (to write the letter on)
  • Pens
  • Envelopes



The workshops starts with an energizer to wake up the group. You can do a short song or dance for example.

After the introduction everybody takes a seat. Ask the participants to close their eyes and think about the past, the present and the future regarding either 1) dreams or 2) being a good christian and honest citizen. You can put on some (calm) music if you want.

Briefly ask some questions about what they thought about.

Writing the letter

Give an explanation about writing the letter to yourself regarding either 1) dreams or 2) being a good christian and honest citizen.

  • Everybody starts their letter with ‘Dear me’ or ‘Dear -name-’.
  • The letter is strictly personal and will not be read by anyone else.
  • Write about your experiences and the steps you want to take for your future. Also think about your expectations, limitations and tools you may need.
  • Everybody puts their letter in an envelope and writes down his/her name and address.

Make an agreement on when the participants will get their letters back.

Life skill(s): The future, Norms and values

Age: 14+

Number of participants: 30 people (2 supervisors)

Location: Classroom

Time: 1,5 hours


  • Post-its
  • Pens
  • Paper (to write on)
  • Envelopes


  1. Give an introduction/speech with input about this theme, for example with a Bible text and a personal experience.
  2. Ask the participants to write down their associations with this theme on the post-its and let them share this with the group. Ask questions for more clarification if needed.
  3. Make a circle with the group. Put an object (for example a water bottle) in the centre of the circle. Tell them that point is the ideal good christian and honest citizen. Ask the participants to locate themselves in a place that represents how far they are from this ideal picture. Are they far away, or very close? When everybody has chosen a position, ask some people to explain why they are standing there.
  4. Dilemma’s: Think of some statements (use workshop ‘crossing the line’). Divide the room in half and with every statement, give two answer options. One answer is the right side of the line, the other the left. After every statement, ask a few people to explain why they are standing on that specific side of the line.
  5. A letter to yourself. (Use format workshop ‘letter to yourself’)
  6. Finish with a powerful energizer, like the Hooligan